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Friday, November 03, 2006

Last day as a public-transport user

Made a special effort to catch E's car out to take the train to work. Seeing that i'll be collecting my car tomorrow, and it may be awhile before i take public transport to work again.

- no more strategising on where to stand for max personal space, max grab pole advantage, least B.O. victimization, and least chance of accidental bumps from others.

it is a whole hog-wash of emotions really, not just a sense of "YAY! i'm out of the public transport grind", but a mixture of i-will-miss's and thank-goodness-i-dont-have-to's

The I-WILL-MISS's first then, not just as a public user, but also being driven by E:

- catching a nap on the morning train if and when i get a seat, preferably the side away from alighting doors, and the corner seat where my right is against the corner.

- reading on the trains/ taxis, newspaper, magazines, books, or work, i guess i read at least a third of all my stuff using these down times.

- drinking!!!

- talking to E and the kiddies on way home every night. This, i will miss the most.

On the other hand, the THANK-GOODNESS-I-DONT-HAVE-TOs are:

- no worries about lugging tons of grocery and shopping home on the train becos it was impossible to get a taxi in town

- no more waiting forever for taxis whether in endless taxi queues or on hold forever trying to book a cab (when I'm desperate enough to not care about the booking fee), while endless cabs with on-call signs speed by

- no more multi-mode transports that takes twice the travel time required compared to driving end-to-end, becos of waiting time and multiple-stops.

- no more getting frustrated with inconsiderate behaviors like pp who dont give up their seats for the old, the pregnant and the very young; pp who play their radio/ mp3/ handphone too loudly; pp who wrap themselves around, lean against grab poles; pp who push into the trains without waiting for pp to alight; pp who do not move to the center of the car; pp who stick their legs out when sitting; pp who talk loudly on their handphones; pp who....

these will all have to be balanced against the I-WILL-HAVE-TO's though:

- no more talking the train to Tanglin, shop, walk to the other end of Orchard Road and just hopping on the train to go home. Gonna have to strategise where to park the car to minimise car park charges and maximise convenience.
- strategise on driving at peak hour cos there will be jams on the road at peak hours, none on the train unless there had been an accident on the track.
- learn to park better and quicker ;p

- learn to take care of my own car in terms of maintenance etc

- be responsible, no drinking and driving.

- give pp lifts, within reason :)

at the end of the day, i'm lucky to get my own ride. Very lucky.


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