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Saturday, November 04, 2006

I collected my new ride!!!

oh my goodness. the nissan march is the perfect car for me.

the steering is just nice, unlike the focus which is too heavy for me and it feels like i'm wrestling a monster on the road (not that that stops me from driving fast... :p )

the size of controls and every thing is me-sized :)

it is easy to manuover and park

i have so much more confidence driving this than the ford. possibly because if anything happened, i only have to fork out $ and dont have to endure a scolding from E. :P

marchie-owners in sgforummers keep talking about the dark-side which means personalising or modifying the march (legally or illegally)

i'm oh-so-tempted, but i'll need to read up more and think about whether it is worth the money to do so... whether in performance or just looks...

in the mean time, i'm happy.


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