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Friday, September 15, 2006

I took the plunge - SCSM 2006 Half Marathon

After much heeing and hawing, unsure about plan #3, and then deciding between 10k or the half marathon, i've finally taken the plunge and registered for the half marathon.

A tale of misopportunities really, it took me awhile to decide on the category:
- 10k the easiest, most attainable, but will probably leave me wanting more at the end
- 21k just a little bit daunting, but it may be possible to log a PB here
- 42k impossible based on my self-awareness of my form and the amount of time i can commit to training.

by the end i did decide on the half, the early bird registration was closing and the online registration crashed for a few days. After that, i was disheartened and guessed that maybe it was divine intervention telling me not to take part this year...

But the temptation to check into www.singaporemarathon.com is just too strong, and i saw the end of registration when they hit 30,000 participants looming ever closer; first with a media reports of 5000 places left, then 1000 places left this monday, then 500 left this morning.

Again, the online registration crashed spectacularly... see! the wait-to-rush mentality...

In the end i went to register at Bukit Gombak Stadium (which i found out is NOT the same as Bukit Gombak Sports Center) during lunch time amidst a great downpour. Unfortunately it was only at the counter that i realised that they only accept cash payments... so i trooped over to Bukit Batok MRT in the rain and drew some cash from the atm...

it was $58 for the half marathon....

i'd better make a PB.


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