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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Secret ingredient

I can't remember which trip was it or when or even where.

Mostly likely BKK since that is the place that I've most frequently traveled recently for work.

I was riding in a car and was looking out the window (or walking very quickly along a road, I can't remember which) and something caught my eye.

A street hawker seemed to be washing his wok with a bunch of plastic straws.

Strange, I'd thought that a bunch of bamboo straws will do much better in cleaning.

And what a lot of liquid that he is using to wash his wok, hmmm... was it oil?

Very strange indeed.

I had almost forgotten about the incident until I read this article.

crispy plastic fried bananas... wow.

Then we had chicken rice ordered in for lunch, with a side dish of super crispy onion with real crunch even though the dish is stone cold from being left in the open since morning.

Super crunchy crisp onions.


why is my stomach feel all queasy in a sudden?

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