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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Running with the kids

so we finally went to buy new shoes suitable for running for the kids, not real running shoes cos hello~? you think we print $ ah? Just something with rubber soles, abit flexible and not too heavy.

and we test ran them (the shoes, not the kids, with the kids in them) over the weekend.

We started with a stroll, then a jog and then it became a free for all to reach the starting point at the park near our place.

E went off for his run, and I led the kids to a warm-up.

The kids trying to look serious but I couldnt hide my grin while we went:
- how high can your hands reach? straight up! higher!
- how wide can they go? like you are getting ready for a BIIIGGG hug!
- make small circles, and bigger and BIGGER! then smaller and smaller
- put your hands on your waist, and turn! Turn again, and again!
- ok, touch your toes! nooooo... dont bend your knees. can you touch? errr... ok, just bend down , no need to touch your toes.
- now rotate your ankles like this. (they started dancing to the twist and i almost fell over laughing)

then we went running up and down the route again. Total about 750m. SCSM kids dash, here we come!

after that, the huge reward of playground! a solid 45min worth. LOL.

i sent them home for their shower, and E gave them dinner.

and then i went for MY run.

my first since my last half marathon, ahh... more than a year ago. :blush:

felt good to limber up and feel the breeze in the evening.

Gotta do it again, soon.

with the kids too.

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