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Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Am playing with 3 counters of 10 lots each at the moment.

As of today: S is up 12.5c, H is up 0.5c and F is down 6c, which means my portfolio had gained $600 today, overshooting my target which i reached last Friday.

Overall, this little shopping trip is up a total of about $1.7k. Scary, i don't even know how it happened. The tickers just went up and down and up and down and up and here i am.

Stillll holding out to see what happens.
- I've learned a good lesson in not selling the money spinner too early while holding out for the loser to regain its value, instead: SELL the loser and wait for the money spinner to gain more.
- The other lesson being: it is often easier for 10 lots to gain 1c than 1 lot to gain 10c, so spread your investment, and not all on the expensive blue chips.

But in the mean time, amidst the fun and games and anxious moments, I'm beginning to get that niggling feeling that this won't make me rich, as in RICH-rich, and I dont actually know if i'm having fun yet.

It is certainly no small change and this will let me buy some stuff (or a lot of cheap stuff), but to be frank, there isn't anything i NEED to buy, y'know?

Not a LV bag, a Feragamo shoes, Tiffany ring, or whatever. And besides, I'll be better off diverting the $ to more investment.

But at the end of it, money is just money, right?

i wonder what it all means? jaded or i need a (higher) goal?

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