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Monday, April 28, 2008


i cut and colored my hair over the weekend.

Long over-due maintenance.

From mid back all the way to a bob above the chin.

unfortunately, the stupid hairdresser is an incompetent idiot who didnt listen to what i want, "short, flirty, low maintenance" and gave me a too dark girly (matronly if you want to be unkind) bob which needs to be blow-dry after every f***ing wash, that is now too short to cut further and i therefore now need to tuck 1 side behind my ear so that i dont look like i'm wearing a helmet.

Kane Choo (from The Salon at Whee Lock) , you are a fraud, and you know it.


do u need a repair?
i think i need a head transplant actually.

Yes, but have to wait to grow it out a little first, ARGH!

Any hairdresser to recommend?
was thinking my hair stylist @ orchard plaza... let me noe if u wan her number.
argh! too late! i just went to CHOP more liao!

but give me (at FB if you prefer) so that i have another option when it grows back... sniff*
hee... will pm u @ FB
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