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Monday, July 02, 2007

Jade @ Fullerton 28-6-07

So we ended up in Jade instead of My Humble House because Leng didnt approve of the latter.

Making a reservation at both was easy. Even though I didnt get through to Jade at first try and left a voicemail for them to call me back, I called shortly after (in case i forgot) to make my reservations. And about 15min later, Jade called me back. cool

We were a little late from the traffic jams and were concerned that they may give our table away. Turned out that they were only about 1/3 full...

We were given 2 menus, a cheap set menu and an expensive ala carte menu (with prices stated for 1 SINGLE PORTION)... and nothing from the flower menu that was shown in the website. I was ready to be dissappointed but E said just check if the menu is available or not lor... and yes, they were and i went with the $118 set and E the $108 set. He had a beer and me a champagne.

The 6-course meal were served promptly, and E and I shared every dish. Not very nice looking, but heck... we didnt really care...

The food was perhaps overhyped by past reviews as i wasnt vowed by any of them

Some were pretty good
- "suckling pig skin + peking duck skin + foie gras" (the dish which prompted me to order that particular set),
- rack of lamb (single piece)
- lobster
- sharkfins soup

The others were just ordinary and most were overwhelming on the palate, with heavy-handed floavoring and thick sauces dressed to kill. It was unnecessary as the ingredient were fresh and subtlety would have suffice. We didnt even manage to finish the noodle and deserts, as famish as we were when we first crossed into the restaurant.

At the end and after paying just $122+ of the $330 bill by using my TL$ points, there just wasnt enough to tempt me back in a hurry.

We took a walk hand-in-hand by the rivervale side across the road and found out finally where BabyFace is, that there were other possibilities for future dining options, even just for coffee at starbucks.

And went home, satisfied, more from having made the 10th anniversary milestone and each other's company, than from the food.


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