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Friday, July 13, 2007

Bangkok 2~6 Jul 07

The most depressing work trip so far.

Day 1
Second flight out on Monday morn (only becos we couldnt get confirmed seats on the first flight)
Airplane meal
straight to office
tarpao lunch
tarpao dinner
1030pm, checkin to hotel

Day 2
Breakfast in hotel
tarpao lunch
tarpao dinner
10pm left office

Day 3
Breakfast in hotel
tarpao lunch
Dinner at seafood place near office - finally something decent and ONLY becos BOSS is finally in town:
- fried squid coated in salted egg yolk;
- pre-peeled crabs with just enough shell for holding onto the piece, including the legs
- oyster egg
- very spicy tom yam soup (both the clear version and more traditional version with coconut milk)
- Otah in square banana-leaf containers
- very crispy deep fried local fish
- very fresh coconut juice
back to office for work (ah... the price we pay for not tarpao'ing dinner)
1130pm back to hotel

Day 4
Breakfast in hotel complete with meeting with BOSS
Meeting with Sales Dept
Lunch at MK Gold (the more upscale version of MK the steamboat place) Esplanade (the newest shopping center near office)
More Meeting
Dinner at Ping Sharksfin Restaurant, my first!
- Sharksfin in claypot (so-so, perhaps because we ordered the smallest and cheapest at THB500 per pax)
- VERY GOOD fried fish maw with prawn, HEAVENLY
- GOOD goose web with kway teow
- VERY GOOD Abalone rice (half a piece of braised abalone on rice)
- FANTASTIC coconut jelly (made with coconut juice) in coconut fruit
- GOOD sesame dumpling in ginger tea
I suppose this dinner is worth allllll the disappointment of the tarpao food we had over the last 3 days. The meal for 6 pp came up to THB10,000 before VIP 10% discount. VERY expensive in BKK standards
Heavy drinking session at KTV... 'nuff said.

Day 5
Breakfast at hotel
BOSS down with food poisoning, left to hold the fort in meeting
tarpao lunch
check out
rush to airport
used the diplomatic lane for immigration with my TLM silver card and saved at least 20min
rushed for a 45min shoulder massage which was half pien-jiat by the therapist. But no fish prawn also good.
Made it just in time for the flight
Airplane meal
Reached home 11pm.

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How about we switch job? I would be most glad to have some thing like that man. So sian to be grounded in sg....

dont think i can do what you do wor...

the novelty dies really quickly if all you see of another country is the airport/ office/ factory/ hotel.

better to save up and do some real travelling on your own and i'm looking forward to mine http://yojanjan.blogspot.com/2007/07/paris-20-24-jul-07.html
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