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Monday, July 30, 2007

False Advertising - Mascara

source : SAWF
London, July 25 (ANI): A L’Oreal advertisement starring Penelope Cruz has
been yanked off the air, for she’s wearing false eyelashes in it.

Cruz was promoting a “Telescopic” mascara that L’Oreal claims can make
lashes look up to 60 per cent longer.

However, it seems that her natural lashes still fell short of the
effect even after putting on the mascara, for bosses then decided to add false
lashes to her eyes.

This one decision has L’Oreal in trouble with the UK’s Advertising
Standards Authority, which maintained that by adding fake lashes to her real
ones, the company was exaggerating the make-up’s effect and thus misleading the

A spokesman for L'Oreal has defended the company’s stand saying that it
was “common industry practice” to use some “artificial lashes in order to ensure
a consistent lash line”.

It is common industry practice to make use of some artificial
in order to ensure a consistent lash line under filming or
shooting conditions - the ASA had previously accepted on more than one occasion
that this industry practice was not misleading," a statement quoted him as

L’Oreal has now been ordered to make clear in their adverts that “a
few” of Cruz’s lashes were not natural, and the mascara only made them appear to
be longer.

The company said that it intended to comply, reports The Sun.

“L’Oreal will fully comply,” the company said in a statement. (ANI)

I really really need to learn how to photoshop.

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