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Friday, July 13, 2007

Accident @ Kian Teck Junction

Had a meeting in town today and returned to the office at 1205pm.

We left for lunch at 1230pm.

I could see immediately upon turning out from my office that there was an ambulance at the first junction. My first thought was "Heart Attack? Pedestrain/ Cyclist/ Motorbike knocked down?"

It is a very dangerous 4-way junction, the side roads with one wide lane each direction and the main road with 2 normal lanes each direction. BUT trailers, containers, buses, cars park on all sides of the road as there are no yellow lines, and that can really hamper visibility for everybody.

I've had scares (thankfully no near misses) while weaving near the center line to avoid on coming traffic, parked vehicles and cyclists. Sometimes to the point of playing "Chicken!" with on-coming traffic where there is not enough room for both vehicles to travel.

As I drove closer, a huge group of people was gathered and watching the on-goings

Right in the middle of the junction, a mid-size lorry smashed in the front and overturned on its side, and a bright blue car SFX or Z 816? smashed in its left front. That side of the 4-way junction totally blocked and cars had to go around the other roads. Police were already there.

All within a span of 25min.

Must have been high-speed and dont give way.

The car's driver ought to be alright since most damage was on the left front of the vehicle, unless he had a front passenger. The lorry's driver might have sustained more serious injuries since the lorry landed on his passenger side, and i pray he was wearing a seat belt properly...


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