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Friday, July 13, 2007

Tomorrow in Thai

Arrived on the first night to a letter slipped under the hotel room door which read:
Dear Guest:

In our constant efforts to improve guest services we are currently
upgrading our in-house entertainment to 34 TV channels for your better viewing

Due to some unexpected technical challenges we regret to inform you that
only a few Thai channels will be available from now until tomorrow

We regret any inconveniences this may cause and sincerely apologise for


Hotel Management
Note that:
1. There is no date on the letter
2. It mentions only a few Thai Channels until TOMORROW AFTERNOON
- i am still undecided if they imply things will change after tomorrow afternoon with more channels available, or it is meant to be vague and therefore hopeful?
3. The letter is signed off by the Hotel Management, NO NAME, NO POSITION
- Nobody will be taking responsibility for the accuracy of the letter or have a loss of face due to it.
So what actually happened in the 5 days we were there:
- The TV set in my room had a few Thai Channels, including 1 with movies dubbed in Thai, and also 2 English channels in my room, 1 was ESPN and the other happily a cabled Movie channel!
- One colleague had the Thai Channels and only the ESPN
- Another colleague had only snowy Thai Channels
We found out belatedly that the letter was made into a huge laminated signboard of A0 size and displayed in a corner of the hotel lobby

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