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Monday, July 02, 2007

Bangkok 2-7-07 ~ ???

Possibly one of my longest posting in recent years if things dot move much faster from here...

Tasked to get all the reports out, and to physically do it FOR THEM if they cant, and THEN to stay and ensure all the banking, legal, and whatnots are executed before I can go back is just DUH.

It is going to take easily a week (and my poor accountant who is with me shall have to spend her birthday having tom-yam soup instead of cake with her family), and likely to stretch till 2 weeks where i'll have to put my foot down and go home regardless, i mean such is the pace of life here...

Let me not waste my time longer than necessary... I promise I will come back in another 2-3 weeks to make sure that things are done by then, ok?


p/s. just received an email that VVIP from principal will be in Singapore for meeting on 11-July, meaning the latest i will return must surely be 10-July night? i mean, they cant have their meeing without me, can they?

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