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Friday, June 01, 2007


bike as in the bicycle leg of a triathlon.

did a bit of research and found that:

- i should use my own bike for the triladies triathlon training. If I rent, i may not get the same bike and that will hamper the training.

- a decent no frills bike cost +/-S$1,000.00 MINIMUM

For 1, i dont have that kind of money to spend,

for 2, i dont know if i will continue biking (enough) to justify such a purchase. i mean $5/km or even $1/km is crazy.

for 3, this is money ON TOP of tri registration, bike training, swim training, swimming costume, googles, helmet (free swimming cap courtesy of FL) and thats already almost S$1k... can die.

Alternative is buy a dirt-cheap one like FL told me to try from carefour, or rent from a reputable bike shop like bikehaus but dunno how much IF they have 1 for my XS size. I'll probably need a bike rack for my car too...

Now you know why my favourite exercise is running: You can start with the minimal basics of just a pair of shoes plus any old t-shirt and shorts, socks optional.

And suddenly there is this explosion of bike-related news (Tampines trial on allowing bikes on footpath) and blog posts (Jeff , Mr. Brown)

Triladies triathlon registration now open liao leh!

how how how?

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