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Thursday, June 21, 2007


Went for lunch in a kopitiam in Jurong and while looking for a table, was held up by 2 groups of women who bumped into each other coincidentally.

"哇! 好久没见, 你胖很多hor?"
"Wah! long time no see, you put on so much weight ah?"

"是咯, 你也不瘦leh"
"Yeah, you also not so slim yourself leh"

damn. some kind of friends.


Some people just do not know how to be tactful with their words.
i dont know if it is the lack of tactfulness or those were really supposed to sting.

couldnt help but wonder what bad blood lies between them, did 1 steal the husband of another?

you should be so glad you are a guy :D
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