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Friday, June 22, 2007

hunger pangs

those new size 25 jeans are almost falling off my non-existent ass... and i'm hungry.

Almost every day this week i've experience urgent hunger pangs that make me shake and want to faint:
- twice while OT'ing at work becos i forgot to buy food for afternoon tea,
- twice just before bedtime at 2am becos i probably didnt eat enough at dinner (or there wasnt enough dinner to eat),
- and once when i woke up hungry.

Cant understand why, i've been eating mostly normally: breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner (maybe too late) and a supper plus miscellaneous fruits and snacks...

especially considering i have not moved a single muscle yet.

does stress burn more energy?

how about being angry?

do i have worms in my stomach?

my famous words "a hungry woman is an angry woman" and my family and co-workers (even my boss) knows that when i'm hungry, i cant think and cant be made to work, i will not humor anybody for whatever and will quickly lose my temper.

which is the same reason why i've never seriously attempted any diet voluntarily, except restricted food diet when i had GD during pregancy, and when i had to undergo medical procedures. I just CAN'T.

it is getting so bad that i'm thinking of stashing food in my car. Just in case.

Must be something that can withstand heat - no chocolate
Must be able non-perishable - no "real" food
Must be not-messy - no crumbly biskuit stuff

Maybe i'll just get Energy Gels.

if they work on the run, they must work on the road too.


eat powergel to consume as food is definitely not a good idea! u will puke after a few packets!
haha. not as food-food lah, it is just-in-case-food.

hopefully i will only need 1 packet for each emergency.

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