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Monday, May 28, 2007

Triathlon Dreams

Dropped by SgRunners during a multi-tasking-break and saw a thread on a unique women-only triathlon event and even training programmes.

my heart skipped a beat.

September 23.

Is this my chance?

- to learn to swim the front crawl properly and swim in the sea
- to learn to cycle on the road in a group
- to attempt my first triathlon?

i could start small, the Sprint at Swim 750m, Bike 20km, Run 5km seemed doable until Ade reminded me that the length of a pool is only 50m, i.e. 15 lengths...

But Super Sprint is "only" Swim 375m, Bike 10km, Run 2.5km, gotta be doable IF i can master open sea swim and conquer my fear of road cycling, right?

worst case scenerio i do the breast stroke right?

but i have no worst case scenerio for the cycling leg, not since i flew down a steep slope on a borrowed bike too tall for me, into the side of a parked car when i was in my early primaries.

Especially not after i may have misjudged a junction today, making a right turn on clear on-coming traffic except a lone cyclist who was going straight. I went for it, and he passed by just behind me. I dont know if it was safe, even on hind-sight which is supposed to be 20/20.

was it divine intervention to say "nobody died, go for it" or "see what could have happened to you"?

i dont even have a bike.

i've never owned a bike

but oooh to dream, just a little longer.

maybe the dream will turn into reality too.


distance is a relative figure. train and put some hard work on it, you should be able to do it! If you need assistance, let me know...;)
thanks tigger :)

not that worried abt the distance, it is the time required for training... am already working 12-14 hour days, dunno if the kiddies will forgive me if i take up tri.

he trainings on Sat and Sun mornings are really attractive though.

THE main prob now is getting a bike, which i am unwilling to invest in for now. You have a small bike to lend? :D
Reading your post has reminded myself that I haven't been running for 1 week. Time to get some workout!
i've realise that a specific goal is really good motivational tool to keeping to a training plan (instead of planning to exercise)

giz, go for the SCSM later this year!
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