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Friday, July 08, 2005


had to stay home over the last 3 days with rashes. millions of (ok, i exaggerate, more like just a hundred thousand) itchy red angry red rashes from the neck down to the toes. and swelling on the face, half shut eyes (from the swell, duh.) and lips. yeah, i know, NPNT, but this is my blog.

kids actually moved away from me when i took the LRT to the doc. kept my head down, pretend to read the Today i was carrying. Doc dignosed as allergic rash on the face, and viral rash on the body. huh? come again? gave me a small bottle of calomine lotion, but i finished that just applying them on my limbs, once. :rolleyes:. went the next day when it got worst (yup, it is possible, and it did) and was prescribed oral steriods. filed down all my finger nails to prevent the scratching from breaking my skin in a thousand spots. :clench fist: :breathe: :think of something else:

am better now, but still not normal. i look like i've got measles, but only noticeable if you are looking for them. were long sleeve and long pants to work just in case tho.

Hope that everything is ok for you now.
thanks paddy, much better now but still scratching a little but at least kids don't run away screaming from me now...
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