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Friday, July 29, 2005


finally registered for the StandChart Singapore Marathon. was struggling with the decision to register for the half or the full marathon. went with the heart and chose full instead of the safer half marathon. i suppose that will be a strong motivator to train more regularly and harder. i do not want a DNF on my first outing. oh please, let me finish it with dignity and before the cut-off time. give me the strength.


I will bring banner and do some cheering live there, ok? heee
wahhh... you wanna sponsor my run? i paste 2 bak2u on my number bib. :) if i CMI, somebody can pick me up and call up the bak2u hotline. LOL

but seriously, [img]http://www.singaporemarathon.com/2005/route/index.asp[/img] if you guys are going to be near the route, ought to be fun and really nice to cheer the pp along. but no need to wait for me hor, i will be very very sloooow.
Heee....i cant even run leh.
Ever since my heart operation years ago, I have never ever run. Oh, probably except when izel chasing me with a chopper.

Else I have not been running for the past 10 years. :)
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