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Wednesday, July 27, 2005


just occurred to me at window shopping during lunch. i don't need anything, not that i HAVE everything, just that i dont need any MORE things then those that i already have. it was just a simple contentment, pure joy to be able to look at beautiful stuff on display, and think "nice" and not continue with "i want". bliss

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drat. i shopped happily in my contented state after work and ended up spending over $100 on stuff. how did that happen?
Heee....life goes on Janet. Hee.
At least you get S$100 in returns of stuff and not spending it without knowing where it went to.
heh, that pair of jeans sure looks nice on me :D but i cant remember what else i bought liao :o oh waitaminute, i remember! sports related stuff, hopefully will come in useful in the marathon training. ;)
All the best for your marathon :)
thank you paddy.

i just realised that whatever happens at the marathon, i'm gonna be looking good with all that gear i've got. LOL
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