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Monday, July 25, 2005

Smell of desperation

i had a whiff of it today. it nauseated me. it started with reminiscences and sharing of experiences, but when the talk of eons past is being dissected as if it happened last week, and turned toward why wouldnt pp learn from the wealth of info from the last 20 years? (emmm... becos they had really just joint 3 months back and never got to know?) I am sympathetic, but there really is a better time and place, not to mention a proper target audience. Please please please dont scream at the new pp for the mistakes that an earlier generation had made and not learnt from and continues to err (by gosh, sack them please!). Give the newbies a chance, they are trying, and learning, dont demoralise them and discredit them before they've even started.

me? i know what and how it had happened (although i had only been there midway, but i have long antenaes. ha.) and understands where it came from. but for me, still? that smell of desperation is just sad.


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