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Saturday, July 16, 2005


darn* darn* darn*
failed first try. perhaps the pressure of wanting to pass it on the first, to not to have to think about it anymore, to not to pay any more "tuition fees" did me in.
ok, so the bout of diarhrea the day before and the mad rush in the morning didnt help, and the lack of sleep the nite before, but still.... grrrrllll.
perfect circuit, but stupid 2 x 8 for "not enuf clearance given to other road users" i thot i was supposed to cover the curb?! and 2 x 4 for "abrupt lane change" the way i was taught to do... so whats what? can argue with tester meh? stupid stupid stupid.
next try Oct, and $600 down. darn*


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