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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

E trainer

my trusty Elliptical (darn* so difficult to spell) trainer. for days that i just cant get out of the house, and i get to "run" in the dead of the nite.

had a good session last nite, just 21 min, 2167 strides and 400 calories. :D felt strong, and was so tempted to go on for much more. but too fast too much too long is a sure recipe for disater. dont want to risk any injury before the NB real run. finished up with stretching, situps and push ups. the buzz from the adrenaline lasted me till 130am.

woke up feeling great. not thinking of that drink or that panadol.


Hey, you can drive to work now! :)
where got? failed the stupid driving test leh :((
run to work maybe haha
Heee... try again lor :)
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