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Friday, October 21, 2005

E 051020

didnt make it out of the house after i got home, was late and tired, not to mention probably unsafe to run alone so late. and i was simply too tired. it felt like i was scraping the bottom of the barrel of energy, and not even coming up with scraps.

slightly rested and feeling guilty, i HAD to do something... I changed strategy and attacked the ecliptical machine.

40:00min, 4270 strides, 677 calories. pretty good workout plus stretching and push ups and sit ups. had wanted to go for at least 45min on the E machine, but blisters were threatening to form on both feet, the nike sock liner didnt help, and neither did the Neat 3B cream, gotta try surgical tape to see if they'll help.

i expected to get a good night's sleep, but the adrenaline rush kept me up till 2am, and then i fell into a deep sleep. and feeling better this morning :) but i still want my full body massage soon...

heh, the massage lady calls my full body massage + foot reflexology session as overhauling :D


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