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Tuesday, October 11, 2005


no no no, not sex.

but lusting after stuff. Like:

- the w800i to go on long runs with. hp for emergency, radio and mp3 for company. and so light at 99g, and fantastic camera phone. whats there not to like about this phone?

- a smaller and faster starting digital camera cos the sony d-9 is too slow to startup and too big to lug around easily.

- a small mp3 player if not the w800i to accompany me on long runs.

- a gym membership

- a polar heart rate monitor to help keep me in the target heart rate zone when exercising.

- a road i.d. so that i do not run annoymously, and should anything happen to me on runs, my id, ICE#, blood type etc can be found easily.

see? everything got use one. not like i want becos i want. well, unfortunately they are not needs either (with the exception of w800i tho, that is a total NEED right?)

prob is i find great difficulty (never say never) in settling for the lesser which will be cheaper. if want, must get the best, but at the best price lahhhhh of course. but then i'm broke and cant afford the best at this very moment.

paddy gave me his contact for pretty decent price for the w800i, but i thot long and hard and agonised about it and still couldnt do it. almost succumbed to the starhub S-E roadshow selling the w800i at $568 with 2 ms-duo with new line sign up over the weekend, but had to go for driving lessons and missed that.

must lun and save $. hopefully the price will come down soon enough.

just realised that with the $3k i spent on driving, i could have bought all these stuff and more... sigh~*. i guess the driving license is more important lah. hor?


Go to my company site and look under Promotion.

Casio Exilim Z110 at S$399.00 :)
i saw liao :) got your email too. but priority is w800i...
I think you got too 'wants' liao lah. hahah
i actually forgot to add a photo printer that can print up to A4 size :D
hahahah!! You want too many things liao lah.

BTW, I was at whymobile today and played with the W800i. Nice!!

They just bought in this skins for the fellow. White and Blue selections.

The speaker and autofocus is supercool. Not tempting you hor.
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