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Thursday, October 20, 2005

running in the rain

i had only ran twice in the rain, once in ulu pandan canal, and once for the ntu 168km 50th anniversay run. was an escort for TLR from station #24 - #26. took a bus to 25, and ran home (near 24). was my first night run in drizzles and in group. it was very very quiet on the 25-26 stretch, except for cyclists in training, and a team of policemen who set up speed trap near SK. me? more like speed bump.

wanted to run a longish 12km last weekend, had alllll my gear (camelbak, raceready cap, 2 pairs of socks, nb shoes etc etc) packed but the rain didnt let up, not until i had my dinner ;p

anyways, i gotta start, i'm already so late in my training for SCSM, and the retest and additional driving lessons earlier this month really derailed my plans, not to mention the kids falling sick one after the other cycle.

gosh~* i feel too tired to even stay awake in the day, but i keep thinking that by using energy (that i dont have) to exercise i will have more energy... does it work like that? maybe only becos i might sleep better in the night, but that is provided baby E doesnt share our bed, or cough and vomit on the bed sheet again.


gotta run later.


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