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Monday, October 24, 2005

Run 051023

Went for a well equipped run i.e. cap + camelbak.

started at 5:15pm and ended 6:34pm, inclusive of 5min toilet break at dover mrt. 2 rounds of 4.7km or 5km (depending on who you believe) ulu pandan canal - clementi rd loop.

basic stats: 9.4km or 10km, 1:14 hr (after less 5min toilet break to top up camelbak), marathon time : 5:31hr (based on 9.4km) and 5:13hr (based on 10km... wah...)

anyways, interesting run. cap was good for keeping sweat from running down my eyes, but cant tell whether well protection from sun cos no sun :D. but it was light, did not trap heat (oh i hate those), and didnt fly off even tho i didnt make it too tight which therefore meant (most importantly) did not give me a headache,

camelbak gave me lots of confidence and convenience of not swinging a bottle when i run, but i may have taken too many sips (every 7min) cos 1 ran out at the 7km mark!!! i thot i had filled the 800ml fully, but next time must measure how much i really poured. almost panicked but then consoled myself that at least i'm not giong to end up like pp who die in deserts with water still in their canteens, it is way better to have the water in me than ON me. anyways, lightbulb sign on when i passed by dover mrt, thus the pit stop to refuel 1/3. Must start thinking about water discipline (oh, so dune, so frank herbert), drink less and be less dependent. no chaff, but the darn thing was a little too big for me even at the tightest setting, and worn over shirt and pants. it got looser as i drank. sigh. next time try the bigger 1500ml one. i filled it with mostly cold water and it was so luxurious to be sipping cold water as i ran :)

wore my new NB 1060, but with thicker socks this time. no blisters, but it hurt slightly at the top arch, and i sorta felt my toes moving too much in the toe box. must redo lacing.

ulu pandan canal was recently paved over with black tar and the distances are better marked, in fact every 100m instead of the sporadic 400/ 200/ dunno what previously where some guesswork was required. clementi rd was shady with wide pavement but a little uneven becos of tree roots. some gradient (dont dare to call them hill... HAHA) work too. nice. but a little too quiet, wont run there after dark.

came back for a quick shower, and found no damage other than some thigh strain and slight chaff from sports bra. must remember to put some 3B cream next time.


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