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Friday, October 28, 2005

Rant 051028

Yet Another Slimming Ad

overly enthusiastic pill-popper: trust fanny wong, trust stupid pill!
fanny wong: no, trust yourself.

i wonder, does it mean that fanny wong and stupid pill prefer not to be held accountable?

and precisely, trust yourself! you can do it without the stupid pill! *disclaimer: unless under doctor's advice.

Stupid men with briefcases on board MRT
i have seen more than once, only today, i finally tripped over one.

stupid men who place their briefcase on the floor, between their legs. fine when the train is moving. but when they (the men and their briefcases) are obvious obstacles, they merely move their bodies exaggeratedly either without moving their feet+briefcase, or only moving their feet. result--> you stumble over their briefcases.

Hello~ move your butt, your body, your feet and YOUR BRIEFCASES outoftaway!

same applies for aunties with big butts who merely turn so that their bums are in your way instead of their whole body, in front of lift doors, mrt doors, anyway, OUTOFTAWAY!


All the ads that featured Fann Wong are really stupid. In the first place, she is by nature thin as hell so what's there to talk about slimming?

There was this 'Oh, I lost X kg after taking these pills'.

Trust me, eat the right meals, sleep enough and do some exercise I too can get to lost 2-3kg too.

Stupid stupid stupid.

And if those ladies get attracted and believed in such Ads, they deserved it to waste money on useless products.
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