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Friday, October 28, 2005

jazzy fashion show @ tangs & co

had an invite from leng to a live jazz + fashion show + free moet (hic*) + free food (cheese balls sigh*) at tangs & co. nice stuff but high $100 and up for most items. can see can touch cannot buy. :D

asked marie along and told her about the live jazz, she asked for the name, and when i told her, her response was "dunno, not famous enough" LOL


You were at Tangs too?

I don't know what event they having. But when I went up level 3, there is a DJ spinning music. damn cool....
yup. DJ spinning music at L3? but the event on 051030 was at L2 leh.
oops. i meant the event was on 051028 ;)
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