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Friday, January 29, 2010

Money on the ground is no windfall

One of the cornerstones of values that I want to impart to my kids is to not covet another's belongings.

They can strive to have/ get more and better things by working/ saving for it. But they should never take into possession things that belong to another whether by scheming/ begging/ whatever. I feel that this instill self-worth and confidence, and helps to prevent materialism and the inevitable comparisons with peers on who has what and who has it bigger/ better/ more.

I cant remember how it came to pass, but one of those things we now do is when we pick up stray coins on the road, we do not put them into the piggy bank. We keep them until we pass a donation box whether SPCA/ comchest at the supermarket or a flag day and put that coin in. Because it does not belong to us.

Well, E chance upon a whole SGD5 note when he was on the way home with the kids last night.

The kids promptly relieved him of the windfall burden and came back to pass the S$5 to me for safe-keeping until we pass the next donation box.

I think we did something right there. :)

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