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Friday, January 29, 2010


It started with a dry throat then a sore throat.

I paid it no heed since it was the weekend and the schedule was jam-packed with kids activities and family time.

By Sunday evening, I was coughing and lost my voice. And tearing with yellow mucus from my eyes

Went to the doctor on Monday and was given MC for common flu and viral conjuntivitis (or sore eyes).

Eyes did get better although very slowly, but the cough developed into major hacking coughs was spitting out mucous with blood in them... The cough syrup didnt do anything, and I woke up every 30min-2 hours in fits of coughing.

Went back to the doc on Wednesday morning. And this time he grudgingly decided that although I didnt have fever I "could have developed" an infection and was given a course of 7 days worth of antibiotics, stronger cough syrup and ventolin to open up the airways. 3 more days of MC for viral bronchitis.

Thank goodness I managed to convince my boss that I was in no condition to travel, since I was already coughing so much that not only my throat was raw, my abs hurt. I can't imagine breathing airplane air and going throw unenlightened customs who are still in mortal fear of H1N1.

It is now Friday, and I still havent slept for more than 2 hours at a stretch.

AND i did have to come back to office...




Oh no... get well soon! Always amazed by your ability to juggle work and family and survive with so little rest. ganbatte gudasai!
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