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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Blogging at Changi Airport

It is now 12:15am.

I have arrived at the airport and checked in more than 2 hours before my flight time.

Uncharacteristically if I may add, having since developed the very efficient habit of arriving at the airport JIT for check-in and to gate from many years of business travel. (what romance of travel?)

BUT I am on holiday now, plus I wanted to beat the 50% midnight surcharge.

T2 is quiet and all the shops at the public access areas are closed. There is no queue anywhere, even SQ check-in counters at row 9 is closed. There is no queue at the free internet kiosks too.

I will be joining E in USA to visit New York and San Francisco.

Some of the things I'm looking forward to are:

New York : A run in Central Park, Avenue Q Broadway Show, Times Square, Greenwich, Metropolitan Musuem, Ground Zero

San Francisco : Alcartraz, Fisherman's wharf, China Town, Good Food

And most of all, time with E. :o

But I'm not relishing the 1st leg of my travel which will take me 35 hours and 5 airports to get to the first destination. GULP*

I've come prepared, surviving on little sleep over the last few nights (so that maybe, just maybe, I'll catch some on the plane), and little food so that I will adjust to the new time zone by eating well there.

Dear Friends, wish me safe and fun travel. And you take care till my next blog.


Take care and enjoy. We'll miss you!
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