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Friday, August 15, 2008

not a happy blogger

Sorry for the lack of posts...

Will be going to New York and San Francisco at the end of the month.

so apart from compulsively solving every Sudoku puzzle i've come across since the first, AND

Doing tons of research, buying tickets, booking hotel, checking route for itinerary re NY and SF etc AND

working and traveling for business at the same time AND

watching too much Olympics action on TV (is Michael Phelps human? Oh NO! Federer crashed out? China dominates in Diving & Gymnastics. Korea dominance in Archery. Tao Li being the first Singaporean to swim in an Olympic final. Singapore Women Team table tennis guaranteed a Silver, the first medal for the country in 48 years. And the Track & Field has just started) AND

nursing a bad back (too much hunching over the keyboard)

does not a happy blogger make.

To make things worst, the stock market has nosedived and the last time i took a peek, i've lost quite a few (more than a couple) of LV bags' worth, so no shopping for me this trip.

BUT i will be planning a run in Central Park (free), walking around Times Square, Chelsea, Soho, a Broadway show (discounted tickets), China Town and a evening tour to Alcatraz (no discount but no choice).

gotta chin-up and cheer-up.


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