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Friday, August 29, 2008

Transit at Moscow

Retyped from written notes dated 28-8-08 2pm Singapore Time

After over 12 hours of butt numbing flight from Singapore, I am now in the transit lounge in Moscow.

The mobile network on my phone says MTS-RUS.

All airports look the same: Duty free liquor cosmestics and perfume, F&B of undeterminable quality with either generic names (Ah Yeung's Oriental) or some fast food chain at inflated prices.

Wanted to buy russian dolls (those with smaller ones hidden one and another) for the kids, but the ones they have hide chocolate instead. DUH

The Russian script brought back memories of somebody a long time ago...

We are boarding.

Another 11hours to Houston, and then 2 domestic flights.

I'm not looking forward to it.

Thank goodness for Krisworld. How fortunate the air crew of today to have an electronic nanny to keep their passengers docile and undemanding...


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