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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Korea 13 ~ 20 Dec 2007

It was THE MOST TIRING trip I have ever taking in my life.

Hubby, me, 2 girls + parents.


Just bringing the girls to toilet required the patience of a saint:

1. Squeeze all 3 of us into a tiny toilet stall. (i kid you not, there is NO CLEARANCE SPACE between the toilet bowl and the door, you have to side-step somewhere else when inside the toilet stall before attempting to close the door, or risk the door sweeping someone into the toilet bowl.)

2. Remove my gloves.

2. Wipe clean toilet bowl.

3. Remove mittens, stuff them into parka shell pockets, unzip parka shell, unzip fleece jacket, hold up long-sleeve sweater, hold up long john top, unzip and pull down pants, pull down long john bottom, pull down undie

4. Hoist kid up toilet bowl and wait for her to complete business (what? you thought i was talking about myself? LOL)

5. Clean kid's bottom

6. Hoist kid off toilet bowl

7. Pull up undie, pull up long john bottom, pull down long long top, stuff long john top into long john bottom, pull down long-sleeve sweater, pull up pants and zip, zip fleece jacket, zip parka shell.

8. Repeat 3-7 for Kid number 2

9. Repeat 4,5 & 7 for myself since i'm tall enough for the toilet bowl. TQ very much.

9. flush toilet

10. Hoist Kid #1 to washing basin to wash hands with soap in freezing cold water

11. Repeat 10 for Kid # 2

12. Wash my own hands with soap.

13. Dry all hands with paper towel or hand dryer

14. Wear mittens for Kid # 1

15. Repeat 14 for Kid # 2

16. Wear my own gloves.

And that only for sitting toilet bowls in the more modern facilities... Imaging the acrobatic requirements for a squatting toilet required to maneouvre a kid over... and i did, several times, and once for the biggie.

There are AT LEAST 5 rest stops per day.

over officially 6 days of full itinery.

I'm seriously tired.

Trip report later.

if i sufficiently recover.

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Now you are making me think twice about going Korea next year...
Hey Giz,

my motto is "do everything at least once"

plus you will be fine unless you are going with 2 young kids under your care in the dead of winter

so GO GO GO!

keep the blog comments to the blog leh...

plus I "dont" hate Korea, i actually might want to visit in the future, preferably in autumn.

But this WAS the toughest trip i've ever taken, even worst than those "non-stop working over the night heavy drinking trips" i've had in the past

or perhaps i was younger then :(
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