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Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Was a little upset with E since returning from Korea and over the long weekend (i had Christmas Eve off) for having to do so much in unpacking, cleaning up, washing, drying, folding, sorting, wrap presents, write cards all myself.

While he begged tiredness and was glued to the TV most times, unless I asked him to perform some chores, which I had used more and more exasperated tones since he just couldn't read my mind see that there a million things to be done.

Some of which I ended doing myself since he had to catch that last few moments minutes half hour of TV action before actually doing them.

But in that 10 minutes it took him to hunt down and beat to death with a rolled up newspaper that speedy big fat ugly darkly-colored lizard that had sent me fleeing with a suppressed scream (so that I dont frighten the kids into being afraid of lizards too) several times this month, I fell in love with the man again.

i'm such a wuzz.

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