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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The rich get richer

Have been investing in some shares, investment/ insurance plans and FD for over 10 years.

In fact, my first share trades were made when i was still in the Uni.

Laid off playing the market for awhile and quit just before the Asian Currency Crisis, and RM controls, didnt exactly get burn but did have some money stuck in CLOB and I have no illusion of ever seeing any of those again.

I stayed to the long-term investment plans and accumulating a bit of various counters when the occassions arise, mostly through IPOs.

Recently, my boss and his friends and their network made a killing over various counters due to inside information, from friends of friends who drink together

the info didnt trickle down to me until they made the killing, which were 6 figures each

alas. the rich get richer, while pp like us work ourselves to the bones.

but i did receive a tip recently, and bought 20 lots, when they have been accumulating more than 1000 lots each.

It is trading above my purchase price, but then again, in this market, you'll most likely hit a counter that's moving up anyways.

Not worries about it killing me since my golden rule of investment is NEVER TO PLAY WITH WHAT YOU CAN'T AFFORD.

Lets see if I'll make a killing on the tip then?


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