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Friday, December 28, 2007

Korea 13 ~ 20 Dec 2007 itinery (1st draft)

13 Dec 07 Singapore - Incheon - Ski Resort
Arrival in Seoul
Lunch at Everland
Muju Ski Resort
Rent Ski clothings and googles
Steamboat Dinner
Snow flakes!

14 Dec 07 - Ski Resort
Gondola Ride
Ski lessons
Managed to walk uphill and ski down
It is harder than it looks, and I can't get up after falling down
It is more tiring than it looks, what are all these parts that are hurting?
Snow fight
Another Steamboat Dinner

15 Dec 07 - Daegu
SNOW! not just snow flakes, white billowy snow falling from the sky!
Sangsoo's Herbland
eccentric president... funny ha-ha and funny hmmm
Flower lunch
Jungangro Street shopping center.
Daegu Spa Valley
Outdoor spa area, body scrub, doctor fish

16 Dec 07 - Daegu -Jeju Island
Donghwa Temple
Jeju Folk Village where Da Chang Jin was filmed
Mysterous Road
Things and Car (in neutral gear) rolling UPWARDS? illusions my friend.
Ginseng Chicken dinner.
Do you know how to eat it correctly?

17 Dec 07 - Jeju Island - Seoul
Sungsan Ilchulbong peak
BBQ pork lunch
Tangerine Farm
Pick and eat all you want!
ATV ride
i can't really hold the handle and reach the acceleration at the same time, the helmet was too big, the gloves had holes in them, but what a ride! woo-hoo!
BBQ Pork dinner, same but different

18 Dec 07 - Seoul
Ginseng show room
Amethyst Factory
Kimchi Making
Changduk Palace
Nami Island where Winter Sonata was filmed.
Beautiful and arty honeymoon island
Coex mall
Lotteworld Adventure
all the rides shut down for "that" laser show? sheesh

19 Dec 07 Seoul - Incheon - Singapore
Duty free shopping. Korea GST 10% hor!
US$5 per picture
4000 won per day per person for guide
S$2 per day per person for tour leader

20 Dec 07
Arrived home to taxi fare increase... bleah...


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