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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Time goes awasting!

A very long time ago, the main time waster in the office used to be flash games or chat rooms, and ircs

Then came along forums, especially SPUG.

Then blogs

Then internet shopping

Right now it is a combination of share tracking, blog sites and some shopping.

Belonging to that generation who believes that there is such a thing as TMI* I have a problem with self-censorship and therefore have never really quite catch on to FaceBook, and thankfully not the games as well. (Google+ is more my cup of tea but nobody is on it...)

The progression seems to be a decrease in interaction, and that is scary.

The upside is that I have more useless/ or useful-but-unlikely-to-use information then before, is more up-to-date with news that doesnt concern me, and keeping with trends of things I am unlikely to buy or use.

Having said that, if you have time to kill and want to check out where you can spend them, these are places I go:

Lifehacker for useful (YMMV)** information for techies and general living
Jezebel for interesting news and opinions with a feminist slant
Get Rich Slowly Personal Finance and Investment Advice
Quirky where people invent/ influence stuff and make $ if the things get sold
ASOS for trendy clothes with free international shipping

There is a dearth of good sites, tell me where do you go?

* Too Much Information
** Your Mileage May Vary

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