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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Elected Presidential

Read a very good commentary from Catherine Lim, the famous writer who once incurred the rile of the-then PM Goh who placed out-of-bound markers on political commentaries.

That dovetails with my take on the expectations of the people vs the constitution, though mine is much less elegant.

My version:

The people is looking for ah-gong (grandfather or influential elder), one who will take their father to task for being a harsh and uncaring disciplinarian, who seems to favor their business sibling but not them.

Unfortunately, what we are electing is a Jeeves (that all knowing butler) who will help to manage the household in the social upkeeping and morale-boosting, but he will never usurp his master, but only to guard the house and safe with fervor when the mistress drives away the master and bring with her a new lover.


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