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Friday, July 09, 2010

Internet Shopping

I've been purchasing stuff from all over the internet since way back when...

It started off with mostly electronic gadgets, the first being a roomba vacuum cleaner maybe 8 years ago and then subsequently various palm accessories.

Then I moved on to sports accessories, like running shorts, caps, and camelbak water pouches.

I mean these are stuff that I want and need and cant get from shopping in Singapore, so why not?

But I had resisted buying clothes off blogshops for the longest time possible, because I would really really like to try stuff on for fit before buying. The selection then were not much to look at too...

And then THREE kids happened, and I no longer have the luxury of shopping for clothes. I can grab something during lunch time, but that's not really shopping and I'm stuck with doing that in where ever I'm having lunch...

So I tiptoe into the blogshops and managed a few successful purchases from the local ones, though there were 1 or 2 pieces which didnt work out that well, but they were not total losses, and I am now blog-shopping with a vengence!

Clothes, bags etc etc

The latest shop that I'm going to try is Versuaz Store operating from a warehouse in China. The site seems legit and there are quite many followers on FB and some positive reviews on the web.

The clothes come in 1 size with details of length and material etc and some color choices, all modeled by professionally made-up cutesy girls who are too thin to be real people. But if you can get pass that, the clothes are amazingly cheap and I can see many carts hawking clothes from them.

The only catch is there is a minimum purchase of 5 pcs, but no minimum value; and shipping is not that cheap at US$22 for 5 pcs to Singapore but it gets cheaper with each subsequent 5 pieces.

I'm going to take the plunge if I can get a discount code, and will post a review of the goods (or a cheap sale if they dont fit me...) ;)


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