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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Austerity Measures

Since becoming seriously broke about Oct last year, I have been on a strict austerity drive. Strict because of the necessity and simply because there was no room to wriggle.

But things have started slowly looking up over the last couple of months. From a loss position amounting to the 100% cash outlay to buy a full licensed car, the paper losses decreased and I have actually managed to take some profit and still have some surplus left in the portfolio.

What a difference in less than a year.

Unfortunately old habits die hard. The austerity measures have since become ingrained in me, and I look at sales information with indifference, noting nothing of interest and nothing of need.

That's mostly welcomed, since it only serves to strengthen my overall financial position.

Somehow an austerity DRIVE had become an austere LIFE, and I cant think of anything that I'd WANT that needs to be BOUGHT.

UNFORTUNATELY, I also could not think of anything material that I wanted for my birthday or Mother's day, much to the discomfort of E who usually relies on me to tell him what to buy for me. So this year, HE had nothing to show for it when my sis happily informed all that her hubby bought her a heart-rate monitor for Mother's Day...

Now, if that Palm PRE would launch really soon, that will definitely help. :)

ps. Many thanks to those who have said a prayer and sent well wishes with regards to my portfolio.

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