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Friday, November 21, 2008

Love in the time of Austerity

Even before being desperately poor since the market's crashing to a 5-year low, I have been taking personal austerity measures for a couple of months now.

Not much fun to do (or to read i'd imagine... or is it MORE fun to read? ;) ), but essential for my mental and financial health.

I do have 1 indulgence: my pilates class which i utilise to the max by making sure i dont cancel for a fee, i make sure i do all the exercises in the correct form and push myself to the max, and i continue to exercise outside class (i've started jogging again! 30min for 5.5km, not too shabby). The results thus far - a lifted butt (YAY!), trimmer waist and better posture. YAY!!!

I havent saved that much to tell the truth (since i never did used to be a big spender, except on food and drinks, haha), and more than half of what i did save went to the kids.

Good breakfast, Snack after class, Art supplies, School related and required stuff, Clothes and shoes - they grow so fast, Stickers with their names for school supplies, Small pocket money to teach them to budget/ count/ get change and save, Trick and Treats and Kiddie rides within reasonable limits, etc etc

But the pleasure and satisfaction when spending on them is priceless.

And i guess E derives his pleasure when spending on me too. :)

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