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Monday, June 16, 2008

Wii Fit

Still havent received my birthday present this year.

Seems like the LV Bag i want is stillllll out of stock, and I've stopped lusting so much after the HP2133 when I found that it is too hot to handle. Literally, as it burns your lap. ew. ouch.

But I've found the latest I-GOTTA-HAVE-IT

a Wii Fit!

Seriously, on days when it is just not possible to run outside, becos it is raining, it is too dark and dangerous, you have bad hair day, you have nothing to wear, and the Elliptical trainer is just too boring.

You get to choose Yoga/ Strength/ Core Balance and Aerobic by playing games, and it even tracks progresses.

How cool is that?

The Wii Fit with balancing board is about S$179 and it will need to work with the wii console which comes bundle with 2 games (heh heh, more games) at about $649, or bare will console at about $500 if you can get it.

The only question now is, do i need to get another TV for it?



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