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Monday, May 12, 2008

More CHOP!

After banging my head at the mirror for 13 days since that disastrous haircut, I have gone more drastic and chop off even more.

This time at a work-from-home hairstylist in my neighbourhood.

Very layered and spiky and short out of desperation from what is left from my earlier haircut (no thanks to Kane Choo of The Salon @ WheeLock). The average hair length is about 2-3 inches... shorter than most Korean drama actors.

Well, it is not fantastic, but i'm much happier to not look rounder and matronly than necessary (AGAIN, no thanks to you-know-who)

Brought Kiddie E to have her shoulder length hair snipped to a cute bob, because she wanted short hair like Mommy, awwwwww...

And it was the cheapest haircut of my life at $16 for both of us!

Now, i'll just have to sit tight and let it grow out some.


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