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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

NB RR 07

New Balance Real Run 2007

Date : 28 October 2007, Sunday
Venue : Changi Exhibition Centre@ Changi Coast Road
Flag-off : 7:30am (15km), 7:45am (10km)
Registration : 22 Jul ~ 30 Sept 2007
Fees : S$31 for all categories.
Distance : ROAD 12KM or 7KM / SAND 1KM / TRAIL 1KM / RUNWAY 1KM

Did you see that last word? RUNWAY (1KM is the distance, not a word...)

RUNWAY as in aeroplane runway.


are they ever going to do this again?

I so want to do it... but is #3 plan on or not?

am pushing E to register for this as part of his training for the full at end of the year. so happy that he has listened and registered early for the full at the shears bridge and full at SCSM

Registration info here


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