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Saturday, August 11, 2007

National Day 2007

Not going to post a long blog about NDP 07 @ Marina Bay

The kids were insanely excited, Kiddie E was extremely well behaved while Baby J was toally shacked out by the time the 21 gun salute came around.

The main impressions:

- Goodie Bags
They thought of EVERYTHING. NDP booklet, coupons, 2 bottles of newater, 1 pack of H-TWO-O, 1 pack of green tea, 2 tubes of halls sweets, 1 huge pack of chips, 1 or 2 pack of peanuts, tissue paper, wet towelette, foam animal hat (which did nothing to sheild us from the sun), battery operated fan, light-clapper, mini-flag with detachable stand, music CD complilation, tattoos (Singapore flag, Made in Singapore, NDP @ Marina Bay, Newater mascot), garbage bag, and even a disposable poncho. Not to mention the chocolate buns they were giving away as we made our way to the seats.

Thirst, Hunger, Boredom, Heat, Snack, and more totally taken care of.

We truly are a nanny state, and i cant say i mind.

- Ads
There used to be a time when the sponsor logos printed on the tickets/ bags/ goodies were enough. This year they have ads on the huge plasma TVs too...

Even the businesses are taken care off.

- Location
Marina Bay is a beautiful place to hold an NDP, the water allows the capabilities of our arsenal of war machines to be displayed. A show of might and determination to defend the little red dot, and I am proud.

- The Show
A City of Possibilities. Limitless possibilites, all the way to the skies.

It had a beautifully haunting dreamscape quality to the whole thing, most segments flowed into the next seamlessly, with incredible pyrotechnics and fireworks interspersed in appropriate pauses for the oohs and ahhs.

Kudos to the Creative Director, Mr. Goh Boon Teck, Chief Artistic Director of Toy Factory Productions Ltd, Singapore.

- The Music
The music played a huge part in tugging at heartstrings, especially the operatic vocals of "Will You" and I am not ashamed that I had tears in my eyes.

Though in the end, my favourites will always be the rousing oldies.

- My thoughts
There are many who cannot separate political vs country, and even more who cannot differentiate between petty daily living and a long term vision. Pity.

For me, I am a Singaporean, where my roots, home, family and friends are.

There's no where else I'd rather be.


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