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Monday, August 20, 2007

local travelling

just a short post about my car and driving inspired by CB's new car (congrats btw!)

about 10 months into car ownership and my marchie has a couple of dins and dents from inconsiderate door opening of neighboring cars...

i am displaying my first car deco- a black cat

more car parks conquerred -

* Sheraton Towers (some tight tight tight corners)

* Causeway Point (stupid entry/ exit point from main road)

* Vivocity

* White Sands

first Valet Parking experience



awwww... thanks!

didnt think i'd get a mention.

frankly, whenever i get into tight narrow car parks, i think of u and your conquests. haha

do remember that you have a bigger car than mine when you try stunts in a tight spot though...
it's a bigger car than my dad's (Wira) so it's already a challenge for me frankly. My initial insertion (for lack of a better word) is always embarassingly crooked...

i dont do stunts la
i guess starting crooked is fine. even TP tests allow for ONE adjustment.

but aim for smooth re-insertion (to use your choice of word for lack of a better one) and straightening instead of the "brake-aim-turn-move abit-brake" which my hubby labels a sissy parking move

i'll still trying to leave up to his standard

*he drives a ford focus btw.
muhahahaha... i'm still doing the "brake-aim-turn-move abit-brake" way ... sigh...

I also think it's a sissy way... :(
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