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Monday, September 26, 2005


Had to eat light on sat, and fast after lunch on sun (no fruits, veg or cereal). Not forgetting the 2 doses yucky-eeking-puky saline to induce clearing and thereafter only clear liquids, i.e. transparent liquid like 100plus, water and honey water.

Eating light was alright as long as i ate many portions. Then i cheated on Sun lunch, got E to get me chicken rice + liver and he thoughtfully added an egg too. :)

DA-DA-TUMmmmm. NO MORE FOOD! dose #1. ewwww~ ohhhhh~ grosss OUT! 2 hrs later, dose #2, almost vomitted. it was like drinking pure thick overdue brine. nothing could get rid of that taste on my tongue and back of my throat. not cold water, not 100 plus. had to lie still.

No more food. i was still alright till 3-4pm i suppose, cos good lunch mah. but then i started clearing out. wobbly legs. too many times. then i got HUNGRY.

cant read, cant lie still. watch TV. but it was like 90% of it was related to TV, if you add the commercials.

i took another glass of cold water. and i stopped in front of the opened fridge. stuff that i normally wont touch with a ten-foot pole look darn appealing to me thten:
- hey! week-old grapes, they look nice!
- half a moon cake. WOW
- limp veg left over after cooking porridge for baby J, hmmmm
not to mention stuff that i like:
- chocolates
- ice-cream
- fruits
- crispy meat floss

went back to the TV and sulk. got progressively light-headed and hungry through the day. thot of giving up, i'll do the procedure another day. but that means i will have to take the yicky-yuck brine again, NO WAY!

started dreaming about what i will take after the procedure (i know it says "light", but.... HA! they cant STOP me!")
- thick slab of steak
- ah kun + milo
- a whole pineapple
... ... ...

in the end, i was given a tuna sandwhich by the nurses, and that got me bearly out of the ward. fell asleep waiting for the doc, barely kept awake to finish my ah-kun kaya toast + 2 eggs + milo (add 30cents), and fell asleep on the train home. managed to buy some mushrooms and veg, intended to cook for dinner.

Fell asleep till 7pm. the sedative given for my GA was too strong. come to think of it, they didnt weigh me for my dosage... zzzzzzzz

at the end of the day, i can go on a pinch with no food for 22 hours (it felt like 2 DAYS tho), but i really really missed eating. :p



Isnt it strange that everyday when we have the chance to eat all these food but yet they dont appeal to us as much as just when you are about to be 'abstained' from it all?

I guess it is more of a desire working on our minds rather. :)
basically, we want what we cant have, and we take the everyday things for granted. sad but true. and every now and then, we need a jolt to keep us from being complacent and jaded. ;)
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