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Monday, September 05, 2005

sick (again...)

came down with a fit of coughing and thick greyish yellow phelgm, scratchy throat and blocked nose. again.

looks like the 1st course of 5 days antibiotics didnt kill off whatever i had, and it is now back with a vengence. went to the doc and got a new course of antibiotics for 7 days and 2 days mc wihtout asking HA. but... does that matter? i'm still in the office now... big big boss coming 2 weeks from now, and so little is ready.

the toughest thing for me to swallow is that i havent ran since NBRR, despite my best intentions and promises to myself that i will, i shall and i would. in the end, nothing. i nkow it is for the better cos i AM sick and i can feel my body going to pieces. but at this rate, i'll be lucky to FINISH the SCSM in 1 piece within 7 hours. only 89 days to go...

argh. i hope the ear block will clear up before i take the plant to Tokyo this weds nite, or it is going to kill me on take-off and if i'm still alive, at landing.

grouchy... the ugly pix for NBRR from sportspix aint helping, i looked worst than a fat aunty gasping for breath. i look like a beached whale taking its last breath. yuck* pui pui pui.


aiyo! why sick again ah?
sounds like you are having a serious virus attack!
i had that a couple of weeks back...
the antibiotics were so strong, had that for 2 courses, after that i was so wobbly, weak and all! its terrible feeling!!
please take good care, drink lots of water, try to rest more before the trip eh?
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